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IP Geolocation (Inactive Project)

Our IP Geolocation API service allows you to identify target Domain/ IP address geographical location, enriching date with details like their latitude & longitude, continent,  country, time zone, region, city, postal code, language and more. This data will help you in incident response, incident management, dealing with real world security threats, prevent fraud and ensure compliance – to name a few.

The information is maintained up-to-date and packaged as convenient JSON objects. The API includes data from well known standards like ISO 3166 for countries and states/subdivisions, ISO 4217 for currency, and E.164 for phone numbers.


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    "continent": "Asia",
    "alpha2": "IN",
    "country_code": "91",
    "international_prefix": "00",
    "name": "India",
    "languages_spoken": [
    "geo": {
    "latitude": 20.593684,
    "longitude": 78.96288,
    "currency_code": "INR"

Go on, give it a try. You won't regret it.

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